How do I maintain my computer?

February 15, 2008

To properly maintain your PC requires dedicated monthly or bi-monthly checkups to verify your software is up to date, and your hardware is functioning properly and efficiently.

Software updates and service packs are required regularly for your operating system, and application programs; including virus protection, and malware programs. Annual license renewals are required on many software applications and utilities. You must also keep track of how many software licenses are purchased and how many you are using at your business at any given time.

Hardware checks are required to verify your computer is functioning efficiently; Are you starting to get low on memory or hard drive space, and are your drivers up to date. Proactive testing tools should be used to catch possible problems ahead of time.

Emerson Technologies offers a maintenance program that frees you from the time and knowledge it takes to perform maintenance tasks that are necessary to keep both hardware and software on your pc healthy. We also maintain software license renewal status and inventory.

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