When is it time to replace my computer?

February 19, 2008

There isn’t a hard set time frame. However Emerson Technologies recommends a business start thinking about replacing computers in about 3 years from the previous purchase. This is especially necessary for people who use their computer heavily in terms of more powerful applications. As more software is installed in a computer, or present software is updated, these changes typically put more demand on computer hardware resources, causing speed degradation, and in extreme cases, computers may start to hang; causing down time and productivity loss.

During the course of routine maintenance, Emerson Technologies monitors hardware demands that software requires. A memory upgrade may be all you need to keep your computer running efficiently. We will not recommend unnecessary hardware upgrades, and Emerson Technologies does not mark up hardware purchases.

A business doesn’t need to replace computers all at once. A Proper replacement rotation plan, based on priority, can allow a company to slowly replace old computers with new ones each month or quarter. This, along with proper maintenance will minimize costly surprises.

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