How to backup your Outlook data

April 25, 2008

Backups are a hot topic. Especially when problems strike. The worst feeling is having a computer problem and not having a solid backup plan in place to turn to. Increasingly we all rely on e-mail as the center of our business communications. It’s where our task list is, our phone and e-mail contacts as well as all our correspondence. Unfortunately the predominant e-mail program for businesses, Microsoft Outlook, does not make it very easy or obvious how to backup your data.

There’s an easy solution for you if you are not using a Microsoft Exchange Server to manage your e-mail. It’s not included with Outlook, but Microsoft offers a free download to help you backup all your Outlook data from within Outlook. To get started, download the Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup Tool. The link above includes some easy to follow instructions for installing, configuring and using the Backup Tool.

If you have any questions, would like help finding the right backup option for your needs, give us a call. Emerson Technologies can work with you to put together the right backup solution for your business.