Planning for the unexpected: Backup and Survive

November 21, 2008

You know you’re supposed to backup your data.  You probably also know it’s not a matter of if your hard drive fails, but a matter of when.   You even may be doing your backups daily, which is a great practice, but are you backing up all the data you need to recover fully? The goal here is to waste as little time as possible to get back to exactly where you were before you lost your data.

First, establish what data you absolutely need, to keep your business running. Then while you’re at it, identify data that you don’t want to waste time recreating again, but wouldn’t stop your business in its tracks if you didn’t have it.

Many important and even critical files don’t sit in your “My Documents” folder; Examples are, mail messages, contact lists, files on your desktop, web bookmarks, and more.  Another example is when a data folder is created outside the “My Documents” folder.  Unless you backup the whole hard drive, which can cost you more money to store that amount of data, you won’t have every file you need to fully recover.  Also, if you host certain email and database servers, you will need higher end backup software to properly secure that data.

This is where we can help.  Emerson Technologies knows exactly where these important, non-recoverable files are located throughout your hard drive, and we make sure that only those files get backed up.  We identify what email and database services you’re using and recommend what backup software will best serve your business.

Our goal is creating a path to a seamless and proactive IT infrastructure, so you can fully concentrate on your business growth.  Having a working backup and disaster recovery plan is one of the first steps needed to achieve that goal.

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