Stocking stuffers for the techie in your life

December 18, 2008

Everyone has somebody in their life who is considered a techie. Be it a loved one, co-worker or friend, there are techies all around us. Being that said person is a techie, most “typical” gifts one thinks of are fairly expensive. From video-games to DVD’s, iPod’s and TVs, electronic gifts can be a little rough on the wallet. So what are some good gift ideas for a techie, without having to spend a fortune?

ThinkGeek has some great gifts that could be used as a stocking stuffer or New Years gift this holiday season. One example is the simple yet practical USB flex light. This is a flexible light which attaches to any USB port on a computer, and is very practical for laptop users when they are traveling. Additionally, this small light uses a very, very small amount of battery power so that is not an issue. Also, this practical gift is only $9.99!

Our next item to look at would be useful before the holidays for wrapping, but still serves many purposes afterwards. Have you ever been cutting wrapping paper and you get done and you realize you just made a pretty crooked cut? What about cutting fabric for sewing? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could always have a way to cut a straight line? Well, now you can with the new ThinkGeek Laser guided scissors. These scissors feature a laser light which allows the person to cut along a straight line. Amazingly, they only cost $15.99. Not bad for a pair of scissors with such added functionality.

Our last item is one that would be perfect for a variety of audiences, even someone who is not a techie (though they may need a little set up help). Today digital pictures and images are becoming more and more popular. There are now digital photo frames which can be set up so that the picture changes every so often. ThinkGeek has a 3.5” USB digital photo frame for only $29.99, a lot less than the hundred dollar standalone items sold elsewhere. The frame supports SD cards which can be purchased at any Target, Best Buy or Walmart. Whatever size card is bought determines how many photos it can hold. Additionally, this photo frame has a rechargeable battery so it can be taken anywhere on the go! On top of that, it double features as an MP3 player and includes a headphone slot. For $29.99 that’s a real bargain for everything that you get, and it would be a perfect supplement to anyone’s office. Just “picture” a photo frame hanging on the wall above or next to your computer which feature pictures of loved ones pets, scenery or anything you would like changing all day every day as you work.

As the year winds down it’s not too late to order gifts for that techie in your life and thanks to ThinkGeek, there are many options for an affordable price.


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