Apple Releases New iPod Nano: Now with Radio and Video Camera capabilities!

September 14, 2009

This month, Apple released their latest version of the iPod Nano. The iPod Nano has been Apple’s smallest fully functioning version of their iPod line. I say fully functioning because they do have an iPod shuffle, which is nothing more than a small music player with no interactive screen. The new iPod Nano has a 2.2” screen and weighs 1.28oz. It has a lot of new features as well. It can be bought in either an 8gb model or a 16gb model which is approximately 2,000 or 4,000 songs.

The camera on the iPod is only a video camera. This is important to note if you are thinking of buying one to take pictures with, as the current version only captures videos. Apple will most likely be releasing a newer version in the future to take both pictures and videos. The camera captures 640 x 480 pixels, which is pretty standard for cell phones. The iPod does have 15 special effects built in to it that include: sepia tone, black & white, motion blur, tunnel, twirl and more. The iPod can hold 8 hours (or 16 hours) or video, depending on what size you get.

The radio on the iPod is more than a traditional radio. It features iTunes tagging and Live-Pause. iTunes tagging means that the song being played on whatever station you are listening to displays the artist and the song name. The tagging part means you are able to click a button while listening to a song, and then when you reconnect your iPod to your computer you are able to find the song in iTunes automatically. This makes it easy to download your favorite songs. Live-Pause is the really cool feature. Say you are listening to a song and need to take a break for whatever reason. You can then pause the song and continue listening to it later. It will let you go as far back as 15 minutes.

The new Apple iPod Nano has a new feature called Voice-Over. What this does is tell you the artist and song name you are currently listening to. This is able to help you figure out what song you are on. Additionally, you are able to navigate around your iPod without actually having to look at the screen. This makes it so if you are driving in a car you can just click a button as opposed to being distracted by looking down at the screen and trying to figure out what you are listening to. The new iPod also has new features in terms of fitness. The Nike / iPod feature has been around for a while, where you can track your running on your iPod, but the new version of it is really neat. It has a “built in pedometer”, which you can turn on or off at anytime. It calculates your acceleration and will tell you how far you have walked or ran or the total number of steps you have taken in a day. Note however that this still requires the iPod Sport Kit, which contains a sensor you place in your shoe.

For more information on the new iPod, or for a more detailed overview, you can view information on apples website.


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