Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and the Social Networking Craze

September 14, 2009

Social NetworkSocial networking is a way for people to develop networks with their friends and associates. The medium by which this is done is internet websites. It allows people to stay in touch and see what others are up to. Three popular social networking websites are Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. Each one is a tool that in one way or another allows you to interact with another person. We are going to examine each one and talk about the differences between them.

Twitter is the newest and latest of the three, but we are going to talk about Facebook first. Facebook is a networking website where you are able to add other people you know as friends. You are able to view pictures they post and other pictures that users “tag” them in. Tagging refers to someone pointing someone else in out a picture so that it shows up on their page. Facebook also features status updates, where people can post what they are up to and what they are doing. Other users are then able to see what you are up to. Additionally, Facebook offers a lot of applications that are more or less for fun. Some of them serve a purpose though. For example, there are family-tree applications that allow you to link up with other relatives. Another feature of Facebook is the ability to write on others walls. A users’ “wall” is kind of like their public page that others can write on. It is a way to write messages to other people.

Twitter, on the other-hand, is like a very, very simple version of Facebook that has one feature: status updates. Twitter is nothing more than a way for a user to post status updates of what they are doing / thinking / planning. Other users can subscribe to them so they can get the status updates of their friends. You can think of Twitter as a mini-journal or diary that people can post there statuses into and then look back and see what they did or what they were thinking. It is much simpler than Facebook, and does not have all of the advanced features.

Myspace is a bit older than Facebook and Twitter. It is similar to Facebook in that it allows the posting of photos and the ability for other users to “tag” them in a photo. It is also similar in that there is a “wall” for others to post on. Additionally, there are a bunch of applications for Myspace that can allow users to interact and play games with others. One of the unique aspects of Myspace is the ability to have a music player on the page. This is one of reasons that bands like to use Myspace as a way to advertise for their band or let their fans know of upcoming shows. It is a lot more difficult to post songs on Facebook and have it set up in a band-like fashion as on Myspace. Myspace also does not have status updates by default, but there are applications that can be installed to have status updates.

Overall, Twitter is the easiest site to use and features nothing but status updates. Myspace is more advanced and is very useful for people in bands. Facebook is the most advanced of the three and offers the most features. It also seems easier to use than Myspace, but that is a personal opinion not a fact.


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