Bluetooth and WiFi Communication

October 19, 2009

Intermedia Systems Group, the audio/visual division of Emerson Technologies, recently released a video explaining the differences between Bluetooth and WiFi.  The segment discusses the differences between Bluetooth and WiFi communication, as well as when they are each typically used. Bluetooth is for mobile and fixed small device communication with small amounts of data transfer, where WiFi is designed to be more of a computer to network form of communication for larger amounts of data transfer.

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Planning Ahead For 2010

October 19, 2009

Most people are still using a version of Windows called “Windows XP.” After Windows XP, the next version was “Windows Vista.” Coming out on 10/22/2009 is the newest version of Windows, “Windows 7.” There is nothing wrong with continuing to use Windows XP; there is no need to upgrade…yet. Emerson Technologies recommends that Windows 7 be deployed as you purchase new computers from now on. Once Windows 7 is released, Windows XP will no longer be available for direct purchase. It will still be possible to find Windows XP for use in new computers for some time yet, however it will be significantly more expensive to purchase. Microsoft will gradually be supporting Windows XP less and less.  The gradual transition to Windows 7 is only one aspect to consider when planning for the 2010 budget. Read more

Toolbars…Are They Helpful?

October 14, 2009

How many toolbars do you currently have installed in your web browser? Did you know that the more toolbars you have, the slower your browser will behave? Toolbars may seem like they are a useful tool but in reality they aren’t as useful as you may think.  Most of the time, the “features” they add are already in the latest version of your browser. Read more