Online Backups: Why Are They So Important?

November 17, 2009

In this day and age, people know there are problems with computers. They can malfunction and crash and your important data lost. A lot of people have taken steps to back up their data. This can be done many different ways from having it backed up to an external hard drive, to DVD backups, storage tapes and onto other computers, but there is one thing all of these have in common: they are all local backups.

Online backups have a couple great advantages over local backups. For example, say you have all of your data backed up on another computer in your office; that’s great. If something happens to your main computer, you can still access all of your data from the other computer. But what if a break in occurs? If both of your computers are stolen, then where does that leave you? What happens to all of your data that you had backed up? Unless you had it backed through a different medium it is lost forever. What if there was a fire in your building? Even if you have sprinkler systems, if the fire doesn’t damage your computers then there is a very high chance that water damage will. A tornado can destroy your entire building; an earthquake can destroy an entire city  This is why having an online backup is an important component of your backup strategy.Online Backup

Here is a perfect example of where an online backup could have saved someone their career. Francis Ford Coppola, a well known movie director, writer and producer was working for his movie script for the scheduled 2009 movie “Tetro” and had his laptop and other items stolen. Even if he had his data backed up on another computer or source in his home, the thieves cleaned out his place of all electronic items and left him without a script. Had he had an online backup system in place, he would have been able to recover the data immediately.

If you don’t like the idea of having your data backed up somewhere on the Internet where you can’t “have” it with you, then it is VERY important to have an off-site backup. This can mean having 2 sets of backups that you rotate every other week. This will mean that one set of your backups is off-site so if there is a burglary or fire you will only have a week of work to make up for, which is still quite a bit. The other problem with off-site backups is that it is a lot of work to have to remember to rotate backups in and out and can easily be forgotten and overlooked.

One of the best parts about online backups is the costs associated with them.  An online backup can cost a user anywhere from a few cents to less than $10.00, depending on how much data they have to back up.  This costs much less than having to buy additional hardware.  Additionally, the user doesn’t have to worry about maintaining hardware because that is done for them.

Online backups are so simple and easy to use. They just need to be configured one time, and then they run every hour/day/week or however often you would like. This ease and automation of online backups makes them a great asset to any individual or company. If you or someone you know would like any more additional information about online backups, or if you would like help setting one up, we would be happy to help. Please give us a call at 651-454-7729 or email us at


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