E-book Readers: How to Carry Thousands of Books Anywhere

December 16, 2009

An item of technology that has become increasingly popular over the last year is an electronic book reader, or “e-book reader”. Essentially, it is a hand-held, portable device that allows a user to read a book electronically and store multiple books all in one location. They are incredibly useful and for the avid reader they are a becoming a necessity. They come in different sizes but typically have around a 7″ screen. They display 1 page from a book at a time (or magazine, blog or newspaper) on a paper-like screen; the screen emulates the actual page from a book so that it can be read in sunlight, or inside in normal reading conditions. This means that it is soft on the eyes and doesn’t cause strain like a computer screen does.

Say you are going on a business trip for a few weeks and you know you are going to have a lot of downtime between meetings and projects, and you like to read books. It is impractical to have to bring multiple large books. Carrying around multiple books tires quickly and takes up space. Since airlines now charge money for extra baggage, taking along multiple books is not a very good option. With an e-book reader you can have up to 1500 books (depending on the model you purchase) all in one place. You simply turn it on, select the book you want to read and start reading. This brings up a few questions, however. How do you get an e-book on your e-book reader and how long does the battery last?


When it comes to getting an e-book on your e-book reader, there are a number of different options. With some devices such as the Amazon Kindle, you can download new books wherever you are. It will connect to a wireless network using the same technology that advanced 3G cell phones use. You are able to download books, newspapers, magazines and blogs. If you buy books from Amazon’s service then they are automatically backed up for you. Additionally, e-books can be downloaded from other websites or even rented temporarily. Some people predict that local libraries will begin offering books as e-book rentals in the near future. Amazon alone has more than 360,000 books and features New York Times best sellers.

The battery life on e-book readers is amazing. This is because of the technology that they use. E-book readers use what’s called E-Ink technology. This means that there is only a black and white screen and power is only used to draw the text. Once the text is drawn and the page is displayed, no more power is used. The devices can go days or even weeks before the need to recharge.

Because e-book readers have such an excellent battery life, are very portable, and have the ability to download thousands of books, they are an excellent item of technology to have for anybody who enjoys reading. They will continue to rise and grow in popularity and they make excellent gifts.

If you are interested in learning more about e-book readers, this video does an excellent job of describing e-book readers in detail and gives you a firsthand look at them.


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