Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 16, 2009

It’s that time a year again when it’s panic and mayhem in the stores. Everyone is frantically running around trying to get their Christmas shopping done (unless you’re like my Aunt who gets her Christmas shopping done in June). Well it doesn’t have to be that way. You can order excellent items online fromA mazon and ThinkGeek or pick a particularly cool item from Radio Shack.
One of the coolest little gadgets I have seen in a while is a HEXBUG. They can be found at any Radio Shack or Toys R Us store. It is a miniature robot that moves around on its own. They are a great toy for anyone to enjoy.  See the video of them in action at the end of this article.   They are an excellent toy and reports from our office are that cats LOVE to chase them (though they are not an animal-safe toy and do say to keep away from animals on the package). They can be purchased for under $10.00.



ThinkGeek has some bizarre but excellent gifts. Some of them are useful and others are just “kinda neat”.  Check the LED Shower Light. It is an LED fixture that attaches onto a shower-head and makes the water “appear” blue if it’s cold and “red” if it’s hot. It costs $39.99.

ThinkGeek also has a great little desk accessory that can be useful for anyone. It is a miniature beanbag that you set on your desk and then set your cellphone in it. This way, you don’t have to worry about it going off on your purse and having you miss a call or feeling the bulky cell phone in your pocket (as we all know how big cell phones are getting). Check it out here! It can be purchased for $9.99

This last gift is excellent for anyone who has a USB powered device (iPod/iPhone/other mp3 players/certain Cell Phones). Essentially, it is a battery that you take around with you that you can use to charge any USB device you have. The actual battery charges by plugging into a wall. It can be especially useful on airplanes or long flights when you don’t have the ability to charge your device by any other means. It can be found here, it and costs $19.99.


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