Pogoplug: Easy Access to Your Files from Anywhere

March 31, 2010

Do you happen to have an iPhone or Android based phone?  Want to access your music and files at home while sitting at work on your laptop?  What if you could access all of your music, movies and files from home on your smartphone or computer – whenever you wanted, from anywhere with Internet access?  If this interests you, then you should check out the Pogoplug.

Pogoplug is a device that allows your to take your files that are on a USB thumb-drive or USB hard drive and connect them to the Internet so you can access them from anywhere. Here is how it works. First, connect your Pogoplug to your network router via an ethernet cable. After it is connected you can hook any USB storage to your Pogoplug. Then, you visit their website and register your Pogoplug. Once the initial setup is done, any data on your USB-drive is securely accessible to you over the Internet. It can be accessed from an Android phone, an iPhone, or any computer that is connected to the Internet.  Additionally, you can stream content to a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360!

The applications of a Pogoplug are limitless. If you have a very large music collection and like to listen to it on your phone, but you don’t have enough space, then a Pogoplug can be very beneficial. All of the data is stored on a hard drive, and the Pogoplug allows you to access it from your phone! You can watch movies on your phone (though the quality is not the highest because it has to stream all of the data). You can even setup certain folders you want to be shared with others. This means you can have all of your photos online and share them with friends and family very easily.

The Pogoplug currently costs $129. This does not include the cost of any external drives that you will need to store your files. It may seem like an expensive device but the functionality that it provides as well as the ease of use make it very valuable. If you are interested in learning more about the Pogoplug please see the following articles, or send an email to help@emersontech.net and we will assist you the best we can.

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