Product Spotlight: Temperature and Moisture Monitoring

May 19, 2010

Computers + extreme temperatures and/or water = bad news. This is why a company named Invetex released two different products to help monitor temperature and moisture. The first product is called “Halotile.” Essentially it is a flat 2ft by 2ft panel that is designed to go on top of ceiling tiles. If you don’t have ceiling tiles or that doesn’t sound like a feasible option then they have a second product called “Aquapede.” Aquapede does the same thing that Halotile does, but it is a small sensor that is placed on the floor near the baseboard.
These products are designed to alert you the second there is temperature variation or the slightest amount of moisture. That way necessary action can be taken to help prevent damage. Alerts can be sent out via cell phone texts, or emails. This protects you if pipes freeze,if air conditioning units go out, if there is too much moisture in the air or many other situations that could arise. All of these conditions could cause disastrous results if they are not taken care of promptly, on top of the cost of replacing / fixing damaged hardware there is also the cost of unplanned downtime which can greatly harm productivity, costing thousands of dollars. By utilizing Invetex’s monitoring tools, action can be taken at the slightest hint of trouble before serious problems arise.

These products are used around the country to protect computers in server rooms, drugs in pharmacies, expensive medical equipment, document storage rooms and more.

Here is a sample situation in which Invetex’s products could be very useful. Suppose it is a Friday night after everyone has left for the weekend and the air conditioning unit goes out in your building and/or server room and nobody will be in the office until Monday morning. Depending on the setup, the heat could rise to levels that could damage your server and any other of the sensitive electronic equipment in the room. This means that when you get there on Monday morning, there could be a lot of serious problems.  There are also going to be potential costs of replacement hardware and the time it is going to take to reconfigure everything, which could be hours or even days. If you had the proper monitoring equipment in place, then Friday night once the temperature started to rise an alert would have been sent out and action could be taken immediately- preventing any huge complications Monday morning so everyone can return to work and not even know there was a problem over the weekend.

For more information, send us an email or call us at 651-454-7729 and we can assist you in getting these products purchased and set up for you so that you can have peace of mind knowing that the correct precautionary measures have been taken.


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