Emerson Technologies Premium Backup Service

June 28, 2011

It is important to have data backed up. Emerson Technologies recommends using a 3-2-1 backup strategy, which includes an offsite backup. We recommended using online backups because they are very easy to configure, they run automatically, and are kept at a different location than your other copies. This means somebody doesn’t have to remember to take a tape home every night.  In a the event that something catastrophic happens where a building suffers damage, or there is a water damage, the backups will be safe.

With Emerson Technologies Premium Backup Service, your data will be backed up to two online locations. One of the locations is a secure server at our office, the second location is to a second secure server online. This double backup method provides for a second level of redundancy as well as the ability to perform a drastically faster restore. For example, if some catastrophic happened to a computer and multiple gigabytes of data needed to be restored, it could take days or even longer to restore all of this information from a typical online backup provider. With our backup service, we are able to restore a copy of the data right away and physically bring it to you to get you back up and running quickly. This eliminates the slow restore process often associated with bandwidth issues.

Our backup service runs seamlessly in the background. There is no need to change a tape or hard drive, and there is no need to run a manual backup. It is all done automatically and is backed up to both destinations. This easy backup can you give you the peace of mind that your data is being backed up without even having to think about it. Additionally, we are able to monitor your backups to ensure they are backing up properly. If you desire, we can setup regular email status updates as well.

We are seeing more and more cities fall victim to significant damage caused by natural disasters including fires, floods and tornadoes.  Japan is still trying to control a nuclear power plant damaged by an earthquake. Don’t think these can’t happen to you. Take precautions now to ensure your data is safe and secure, regardless of the world around you.

If you are interested in setting up online backups, please give us a call at 651-454-7729 so we can find a solution that works best for you. We strongly recommend that all important data be backed up to an online source, and we are happy to provide you with our Emerson Technologies Premium Backups service.

kept at a different location than your other copies.


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