Should I get a Tablet?

July 26, 2011

NOTE: Looking for help with your Emerson Internet Tablet? We have no affiliation with these devices and cannot help you. We are not the Emerson who makes these devices.  Please contact the manufacturer or the place of purchase.

Tablets are the latest buzz, and we have been getting a lot of questions from people wondering if they need a Tablet. Let us be clear and answer your question right away – you don’t need a tablet. Having said that, there are certain applications that are well suited for tablets, but they serve a specific purpose. 

Tablets are hand-held devices that have around a 10” screen. They have a full touch screen interface, can connect to Wi-Fi networks and often 3G networks too (networks provided by cell phone companies). They can run different operating systems, such as iOS 4 and Android, and there are many companies that make tablets. You make recognize some brand name tablets such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Motorola Xoom.

Here are some instances for where tablets are useful. Tablets provide great lightweight mobile computing. They are a great way to access your documents and files for viewing. They make excellent web browsers and are much better than your smart-phone because of the large screen. They can be very handy for taking notes and checking e-mails, viewing presentations, and sharing information. Because tablets are highly portable, they are very nice when traveling to provide access to your data and files that you might need. They also get excellent battery life, often more than 6 hours, depending on what you are doing. They also make excellent e-book readers and are very nice for reading and viewing documents or all kinds. Tablets are great for watching movies and playing games and can keep kids occupied during a long car ride for quite some time.

Even though you can do a lot of things on a tablet that you can on your computer, tablets are not a laptop replacement; they are a supplement and an aid. They are not designed for word processing or doing advanced graphic design or video rendering. You will have the most productivity when you have a full keyboard and mouse on a more powerful computer.

Once you have created your files/data, tablets are a great medium in which to view, share and edit them. The biggest and most important aspect to remember is that tablets are not a replacement by any means, and while they are a fun “toy” to have, unless you have a specific need for them you don’t need to get one. However, if you have the means or are at all interested in tablets, please give us a call and we will work with you to find the best tablet that fits your individual needs.


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