Dropbox vs Google Drive vs MS Skydrive

March 8, 2013

First there was Dropbox.  Then last year Google released their answer with Google Drive.  Then Microsoft got into the game with Microsoft Sky Drive.  What are they?  Are they useful for your business?

 Google Drive

All three of these services are very similar.  They provide a folder for your computer that is synchronized with an Internet cloud site.  This is useful for a number of reasons.  For an individual you can have the service installed on multiple computers, tablets, and smart phones.  When you make a change to a file in one location the automatic synchronization spreads your change to all your locations.  In a business setting this is very helpful when someone in the field makes a change to a file.  The change is automatically synchronized on the folders back at the office(s).  This is especially helpful when people are in different locations, such as a sales force working around the country.

While each of these main 3 applications are very similar in how they function and what they do, there are definitely differences.  There are some ways to configure them for individuals, or for teams.  Dropbox Teams, for example, is designed for business use and allows different people to have different levels of access to data – similar to a server.  Is this right for your business?  Contact Emerson Technologies and we’ll be happy to sit down and discuss ways you can benefit from these cloud based folders and find out which one is right for you.


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