Upgrade Microsoft Products

May 15, 2013

Anyone with a pulse knows that Microsoft releases new versions of all their software on a pretty regular basis.  What gets less fanfare is that as new software comes out, Microsoft discontinues support, including plugging holes or other problems, with their older software.  Over time older software will work less and less with newer software, including Windows.  As a result, it is important to migrate off old versions of Microsoft products before support is discontinued.

Microsoft stopped selling Windows XP to computer manufacturers in October of 2010.  They stopped mainstream support in April of 2009.  And coming up in April 2014, all extended support will end.  After that time, no patches or fixes will be available and you will see a drop off in stability as other programs are no longer written to run on Windows XP.  Since Windows Vista was very unpopular, Windows XP stayed in use much longer than expected when it was released.  This has led to a number of people still running Windows XP.  If you have Windows XP running on any computers, we strongly you migrate to a newer version of Windows during this calendar year.

Along with Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003 will also lose all its support in April of 2014.  Anyone still running Office 2003 should plan to migrate off it this year.

As far as Microsoft server products, support for Windows Server 2003 will be discontinued in July 2015.  However, Exchange 2003, Microsoft’s email server, will have its support discontinued April 2014 – if you are still on this, start planning to migrate off it now.

If you are Wondering what is involved with these migrations or want some assistance, contact Emerson Technologies who can make your transition seamless.



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