Do NOT use Microsoft Security Essentials

October 14, 2013

When Microsoft Security Essentials first came out, it was a solid, well rated anti-virus software package, best used in a home computing environment. However Microsoft has chosen not to keep this program up to high standards and has now gotten to the point that Microsoft itself now recommends that this software not be used to secure computers in any environment.

If you are using Microsoft Security Essentials, we strongly recommend you replace it with a robust anti-virus package. While there are several free anti-virus software packages available, our recommendation is to not use these. In current independent evaluations, they do not catch as many viruses and often have very annoying features to try and get you to purchase full versions. In our experience, it’s not worth the risk.

Not sure what you should use? Contact Emerson Technologies and based on your computing environment, we will recommend the best package for your situation.


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