Data Backups versus a Copy

October 23, 2014

In the old days of corporate computing, all data was backed up.  This was usually done using tapes that were physically connected to servers.  In the last five years, backups commonly have become cloud based.  Instead of a tape drive, servers backup their data to an Internet based server designed to handle many copies of the same files.  Backups are more than just a copy of data; backups can be restored to a specific day because backup servers keep multiple instances of all files.

On the other hand, some users copy their data to an external hard drive.  This is different than a backup because this is just one copy of all files.  Keeping a single copy of files is certainly cheaper – it takes up less space.  But the disadvantage is users have considerably fewer options.

Another advantage of backing up to an online Internet site is that it is offsite.  Should something happen to your building such as fire, flood, or tornado, your data is still readily available.

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