Maintenance and Alerting

July 22, 2015

We are all used to maintenance with cars.  However computers need maintenance more often to help you get can the most out of your investment.

For many years people just purchased and ran anti-virus software.  It’s important to check this to make sure it stays up to date – this should be getting updated throughout the day.

Software updates are released all the time.  The most familiar come from Microsoft but there are also many from Adobe, Java, Apple and more.  Not only are these updates important for your computer’s stability, but it also ensures the best security – keeping hackers at arm’s length.

The alternative is to leave your computers and network vulnerable to attack and possibly wind up on the news due to compromised company data.  Just this week a significant security hole was discovered in Microsoft Windows, a hole big enough for an attacker to take complete control of your computer remotely.

At Emerson Technologies we have a program to keep your system updated and reliable.  Not only does our maintenance software install software updates, but it also alerts us for various problems – such as a failing hard drive.

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