Android Phones

February 24, 2010

Have you heard of an Android phone before? Perhaps you have heard of the Verizon Droid. This is one example of an Android-based phone, but what exactly does “Android”mean? Why are Android phones becoming so popular, and why are they seen as a competitor to the iPhone?Android
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E-book Readers: How to Carry Thousands of Books Anywhere

December 16, 2009

An item of technology that has become increasingly popular over the last year is an electronic book reader, or “e-book reader”. Essentially, it is a hand-held, portable device that allows a user to read a book electronically and store multiple books all in one location. They are incredibly useful and for the avid reader they are a becoming a necessity. They come in different sizes but typically have around a 7″ screen. They display 1 page from a book at a time (or magazine, blog or newspaper) on a paper-like screen; the screen emulates the actual page from a book so that it can be read in sunlight, or inside in normal reading conditions. This means that it is soft on the eyes and doesn’t cause strain like a computer screen does.

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Windows 7: Should I Upgrade?

November 17, 2009

Windows 7 has been out for almost a month now and for the most part has gotten positive reviews. I have been asked by a lot of people if they should upgrade their computers to the new operating system. The short answer is no, but for some users it does make sense.windows7 Read more

Planning Ahead For 2010

October 19, 2009

Most people are still using a version of Windows called “Windows XP.” After Windows XP, the next version was “Windows Vista.” Coming out on 10/22/2009 is the newest version of Windows, “Windows 7.” There is nothing wrong with continuing to use Windows XP; there is no need to upgrade…yet. Emerson Technologies recommends that Windows 7 be deployed as you purchase new computers from now on. Once Windows 7 is released, Windows XP will no longer be available for direct purchase. It will still be possible to find Windows XP for use in new computers for some time yet, however it will be significantly more expensive to purchase. Microsoft will gradually be supporting Windows XP less and less.  The gradual transition to Windows 7 is only one aspect to consider when planning for the 2010 budget. Read more

Apple Releases New iPod Nano: Now with Radio and Video Camera capabilities!

September 14, 2009

This month, Apple released their latest version of the iPod Nano. The iPod Nano has been Apple’s smallest fully functioning version of their iPod line. I say fully functioning because they do have an iPod shuffle, which is nothing more than a small music player with no interactive screen. The new iPod Nano has a 2.2” screen and weighs 1.28oz. It has a lot of new features as well. It can be bought in either an 8gb model or a 16gb model which is approximately 2,000 or 4,000 songs. Read more

Solid State Drives: Are they worth it?

August 19, 2009

What are solid-state drives (SSDs)?  You may have heard of them.  You may have seen them and wondered why they are so much more expensive than traditional hard drives.  They have actually been around for quite a while.  They are essentially just like a USB-flash drive.  They have no moving parts, as opposed to traditional hard drives, which do have moving parts and can damage easier.  For example, if a laptop with a traditional hard drive is dropped, it can likely sustain damage because of the moving parts.  The same thing can happen if a computer is accidentally bumped or kicked.  Solid state drives do not have that problem as they have no moving parts, though that’s not to say they are by any means invincible. Read more

The Digital Television (DTV) Transition

May 11, 2009

The digital television (DTV) transition is coming! Here is a quick FAQ about DTV and how it affects you.

A. The transition to digital television will take place on June 12, 2009.

A. Currently, most TV stations are already broadcasting a digital and an analog signal. On June 12th, 2009 they will no longer broadcast the analog signal.  When the analog signal is shut off, TV’s receiving content using an antenna will no longer be able to display programming.  These older television sets can still be used with the purchase of a Digital TV Converter box Read more

Emergency Security Warning For Internet Explorer

December 17, 2008

There is a new, nasty vulnerability to Internet Explorer (IE).  Simple web browsing has been reported to be exploited to well-known and usually “safe” sites. The vulnerability creates full access to your local computer, including the ability to install software and access files.  Root-kits, Trojans and password recording applications have all been seen installed via this method.  This has affected all versions of Windows and Internet Explorer.

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Windows 7 Today

November 18, 2008

Many people are asking “What is Windows 7 going to do for us and when is it scheduled for release?” Even with the recommended hardware upgrades in place, Vista was more sluggish than XP.  Microsoft has heard this complaint and has responded with a pending release, which is rumored to be in October of 2009.  As we all know, this date will probably change to a later time, so don’t hold your breath.

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Twin Cities Free Electronics Recycling

March 24, 2008

Coming up on April 11 & 12 Waste Management is hosting a free Electronics Drop Off. It’s only good for residential items, no businesses but if you have an old computer or TV sitting around that you want to get rid of it might be a great time to get rid of it without having to pay to drop it off.

The Waste Management Website has more information on dates, times, locations and what is and is not acceptable.

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