Family Shield

June 28, 2010

Providing Parental Controls for your Home Network

For years parents have wanted a simple way to keep younger family members from surfing inappropriate adult web sites.  Sometimes people intentionally visit these sites, sometimes unintentionally.  In the past there have been programs designed to block these websites but they are usually cumbersome to use and setup, and often expensive.

Family ShieldJust this week, OpenDNS, an organization with a mission to make the Internet a better place, has released a free service called Family Shield.  Family Shield is a service designed to automatically restrict access to adult websites for all computers on a home network.  It also restricts access for other devices that can access the Internet as well, such as an Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, iPad and smartphones that are connected via wi-fi.  The service is automatically kept up-to-date by OpenDNS.  Family Shield is easy to setup and instantly filters content on all your computers with no software to install or update.

If you have questions about Family Shield or are interested in implementing in your home, please give us a call at 651-454-7729 and we can provide assistance in setting it up, getting it configured, and providing recommendations about how it can help protect you.

The Life Cycle of Computers

May 20, 2010

Computers are an investment. When purchasing a computer people often look only at the original sticker price as the full cost. However, the total cost of computer ownership includes original hardware, original software, hardware and software upgrades, maintenance and labor.

There comes a point when it is no longer economical to put money into a computer to fix it. In general that is 3 to 4 years. Now, of course there will be exceptions and this is just a guideline that has been developed from years of experience working with computers. Read more

Product Spotlight: Temperature and Moisture Monitoring

May 19, 2010

Computers + extreme temperatures and/or water = bad news. This is why a company named Invetex released two different products to help monitor temperature and moisture. The first product is called “Halotile.” Essentially it is a flat 2ft by 2ft panel that is designed to go on top of ceiling tiles. If you don’t have ceiling tiles or that doesn’t sound like a feasible option then they have a second product called “Aquapede.” Aquapede does the same thing that Halotile does, but it is a small sensor that is placed on the floor near the baseboard.
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3-2-1 Backups

May 19, 2010

When it comes to backups, there is a general rule that should be kept in mind. It is known as the “3-2-1” rule. It means there should always be 3 copies of all critical information on 2 different storage mediums 1 of which is offsite. By following this strategy you know that if a problem arises you will be prepared and your data will be secure.

It is important to have multiple copies of your data. When discussing the 3-2-1 backup strategy, the first set is the original data: this is the information you work with in real time. The second and third sets of data are considered backups of the original information, but the backups are of 2 different types. Read more

Pogoplug: Easy Access to Your Files from Anywhere

March 31, 2010

Do you happen to have an iPhone or Android based phone?  Want to access your music and files at home while sitting at work on your laptop?  What if you could access all of your music, movies and files from home on your smartphone or computer – whenever you wanted, from anywhere with Internet access?  If this interests you, then you should check out the Pogoplug.
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Android Phones

February 24, 2010

Have you heard of an Android phone before? Perhaps you have heard of the Verizon Droid. This is one example of an Android-based phone, but what exactly does “Android”mean? Why are Android phones becoming so popular, and why are they seen as a competitor to the iPhone?Android
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Power Strip vs. Surge Protector

January 28, 2010

If you have electronic items, then you know what a power strip is. A power strip plugs into your wall outlet and allows you to plug in multiple electronic devices. The outlets in your house or office likely have room for two devices. Well, if you need to plug in more than two devices you can use a power strip and plug in many more. Some people think that a surge protector is the same thing as a power strip when in fact this is not true, even if they both appear to be the same. Read more

What Exactly is 3G?

January 28, 2010

3G and even 4G are words that are casually tossed around in the tech world everyday, and are recently showing up in TV commercials for cell phones. Most people don’t know what it really means other than a “faster” connection than phones that aren’t 3G. There are a lot of misconceptions I have heard about 3G cell phones that I would like to clear up. First, 3G does not mean you have 3gb or even a 3mb download rate. All 3G really means is 3rd generation. The different generation of cell phones refers to the wireless technology they use to stream data from the cell towers to the actual phone. Without getting too technical, think of each generation as a better and faster way to transmit data. Read more

Online Backups: Why Are They So Important?

November 17, 2009

In this day and age, people know there are problems with computers. They can malfunction and crash and your important data lost. A lot of people have taken steps to back up their data. This can be done many different ways from having it backed up to an external hard drive, to DVD backups, storage tapes and onto other computers, but there is one thing all of these have in common: they are all local backups. Read more

Identity Theft: What Can I Do?

November 17, 2009

One of the biggest computer concerns people deal with is identity theft. Identity theft can be anything from using someone’s credit card to stealing money from their bank account. In the technical world we live in, many people wonder what they can do to help prevent identity theft. There are many preventative measures you can take to ensure your computer is not exploited for identity theft. Read more

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