Since 1997…

Emerson Technologies, Inc.

This company was founded by Phil Emerson in 1997 as an initiative to provide professional support and technical expertise for non-profits in Minnesota. Phil found that these non-profit businesses were experiencing trouble finding managed service providers that would invest time into providing and implementing affordable solutions for them and sought to meet that need. In the years since we have grown and expanded our clientele to include both for-profit and non-profit clients in the Midwest. Our mission is to provide tailored technology solutions to help organizations of all types function more efficiently, allowing them to focus on what they do best. This means that our solutions are always composed with each unique organization in mind. We also seek to be easy to work with. Our team of technicians have been mindfully selected to make sure that all conversations are not only knowledgeable but also pleasant and understandable. We pride ourselves on our recipe for success which includes: adaptability, innovative thinking, fairness, integrity and our secret sauce: agility. Let us share it with you and make our success, your success.

Our Senior Leadership

Phil Emerson

President and Founder

From an early age, Phil was exposed to technology as a fundamental aspect of life. He found passion in the field and grew up fascinated by the way that technology could enhance and improve the world. He went on to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Methods and Computer Science. He began employment as a support technician, recruited well before finishing college to manage corporate email systems. His experience led him to work with classified Department of Defense systems, having been granted secret level clearance.  He continued to pursue opportunities to grow and that led him to create Emerson Technologies. The pursuit of knowledge and growth continues as he prioritizes providing the best technological solutions to our clients.

Dave Royer

Vice President of Operations and Senior Technical Analyst

Dave knew Phil from boy scouts, long before Emerson Technologies was even a thought. When Phil began to build his team for the business, Dave was his number one draft pick. Dave has an extensive background in technology including a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. He finds joy in the ever-evolving world of Information Technology. Dave embraces the challenge of keeping up with technological advances and is relentless in his pursuit of maneuvering through and combating our clients’ most complex issues.